Who are we?

Our Story

Just two boys from Gippsland who love coffee

We’re two country boys, Asbrand and Lachlan, from Gippsland, Victoria who connected from our similar lifestyles of keeping fit, exploring nature, travelling, and having a boogie, whilst always having a focus on what we consume and keeping healthy.


After becoming fed up with sacrificing convenience for quality and not being able to find a low-calorie iced coffee product we decided to make our own, and just like that… Kooee started brewing. 

After 12 months of testing and trialling coffee beans and cold brew recipes in Lachlan's shed, we developed our first prototype. Being inquisitive, we began to experiment infusing our coffee with nitrogen and fell in love with the creamy nature of nitro coffee.

We were ecstatic with what we had created, a full bodied, creamy coffee that poured out of a keg tap and cascaded down the glass, containing next to no calories.

We decided to mimic this experience and capture it in a can so that we could share it with likeminded coffee lovers. We set out on our journey to create a quality nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

After a couple of lockdowns, a lot of phone calls, emails, design work and coffee tastings, we ended up with our first product. We are delighted to share it with you, and hope you enjoy it.

We’d love your feedback and will have new and exciting products to come soon. 


  Our favourite uses of Kooee Brew are on a hot summer’s morning, on our camping trips, at the beach, in the car, during the workday, at festivals and late-night boogies, or even on those seedy Sundays.

Our Vision

To complement the fun and on the go lifestyle with low-calorie, no-sugar coffee

Kooee Brew is striving to provide cafe-quality, ready-to-drink coffee without any of the crap. We want to build a business that is more than just a coffee brand, we want to build a business that does things right. We want to know where our raw materials are coming from, where they are ending up and what we can do to achieve our goal of close looping this business. We're still learning as we begin to build this brand, but we are committed to doing what we can, where we can, in terms of sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Our Values

Our passions lie in exploration, preservation, sustainability, nature, good health and enjoying life to its fullest extent.

These mutual values are the foundation of our friendship and partnership, and the key drivers behind Kooee Brew.


Our journey is just at the beginning, but something that we dream of doing is buying up land and locking it away to persevere the wilderness.


Along with our passion for sustainability, we're serious about getting outdoors and enjoying yourself. So, whether you're on top of that mountain, sitting around with your mates, or having a boogie in that crowd, lean back and bellow out the call.... KOOOOEEE!